Danger Camp

The LEAST dangerous site on the web!

DangerCamp VS. The Site

 Sorry, guys. DANGERCAMP.webs.com will no longer be updated. But you can still enjoy it's current content, and check out my NEW site, JKTHESITE.webs.com. It may not look better at a glance, because I am making this one from scratch with HTML. But the CONTENT will be MUCH more entertaining. I will be doing a new web show, The Show, and I will have an all-new LIVE chat room, AND a guestbook. I am not deleting this one, though, so feel free to come back every now and then.  I will be resetting the New Year Countdown for old time's sake. And be sute to check out the new site, JKTheSite.webs.com! See ya!

This sentence you're reading now was added years later to prevent website automatic-deletion systems from systematically deleting our website as an automated task.-- 

Update Box

 I will no longer be updating this site. Sorry, guys!


Hey! Well some people think just because I don't update the home page means I didn't update anything, which, by the ways, is WRONG, I have added this just for fun.ON A PC, INTERNET EXPLORER IS HIGHLY RECOMENDED FOR THE SITE. IT INTERNET EXPLORER IS NOT AVALIBLE GOOGLE CHROME IS RECOMENDED. (If on a Mac, just use Safari).

The story of Danger Camp

In Kindergarten, Tommy Dilts and his friend Even started a club.That club was Danger Camp

                  Well, it was called "the team" at the time. The Ashley team,(or at that time "team A"), was always their worst enemy.Well, the name changed throughout the year and in 1st grade, when I joined,we moved our bace to a large tree and made traps with holes in the ground(we even caught a rabbit once), and so I, Jacob Kauffmann, named it "Danger Camp".

                   Well, I not only came up with the name, I also came up with the logo.Here it is!